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Earth Friendly Bio-degradable               SUPER10

Approved by plants and animals everywhere 

Just love a sparkling clean kitchen?
Time for a Spring Clean

Cleaning Table

Frustrated with that tacky residue after wiping surfaces?
Your kitchen doesn't smell 
clean but you have just cleaned it?
Streaky counter tops after wiping?
A little 
embarrased when the guests arrive?

Your solution is SUPER10

  • No residue     

  • Very economical

  • Gentle on hands

  • No harsh chemicals

  • An aroma that says "it's clean"

  • 100% Bio-degradable surfactants

  • 1 Litre Concentrate = less plastic waste

  • $1.72 / litre diluted 1:20

  • $3.27 / litre diluted 1:10

Golden Super 10 has everything you need for your home. This eco-friendly cleaning product provides a powerful yet safe cleaner to use in multiple tasks in and around the home

Why wait? You can have that sparkling clean kitchen too


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