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Quality supplements can help bridge the gap between what the diet provides and the nutrition a child requires to thrive

 Your influence can create a solid and strong foundation for a lifetime of good health

Super Hero Kids

Super Kids in the Making

  • Only 0.78c per day

Let’s face it - Your children need balanced nutrition to develop and grow.


Vita-Squares Chewable Multivitamin will help accomplish this goal by supplementing with essential vitamins and minerals. 

These flavoured chewable multivitamins pack a delicious punch while delivering minerals and vitamins for children. The fruity chewable square is a great-tasting multivitamin formulated to support overall health and your child's nutritional needs.

Feel Alive and Thrive!

Vita-Squares Chewable Multivitamin is designed and formulated around a basic idea: no matter the demands of the day, your child deserves to experience a life filled with abundant energy. The Vita-Square formula includes Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates for cellular energy and nutrition.

What’s more, Vita-Squares is improved with Inositol and Choline for optimal memory, learning and concentration. No artificial colours, No artificial sweeteners, No artificial flavours and No preservatives added. 

Don’t Settle for Less - Your Kids Were Born for More 

Vita-Squares Chewable Multivitamin is the one your child will actually take. This chewable multivitamin has a natural mixed fruity flavour that is easy to love. Children can look forward to their daily "vities" routine.

  • DAILY ESSENTIALS FOR CHILDREN – Make sure you help your child grow up balanced and healthy with a broad range of essential vitamins and minerals to support their development and growth, brain health, healthy vision, immune health, and much more.


  •  NUTRIENTS FROM NATURE – Made with plant-based minerals and vitamins. 


  • ORGANIC FRUITS – Vita-Squares Chewable Multivitamin includes a combination of yummy berry-citrus for an added boost of whole food nutrition. 


  • NO NONSENSE – Vita-Squares Chewable Multivitamin for children is formulated without any artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners, synthetic colours or GMOs. It’s free of soy, dairy and gluten and manufactured in a GMP-approved facility. 

At the Health Warrior Community we genuinely believe that nutrition must come from the natural world, not a lab. We encourage you to read the ingredient label of Vita-Squares Chewable Multivitamin.

Remember that healthy, happy kids need minerals and vitamins to grow and develop. Making sure they receive their essential nutrients every day can be an ongoing challenge. Vita-Squares Chewable Multivitamin delivers a complete nutritional and fruity blend to supplement a child's daily needs, along with the added immune support of Choline, Inositol and a range of vitamins and minerals.  


Your influence can create a solid and strong foundation for a lifetime of good health. 

Precisely at the time when young bodies' nutritional requirements are greatest, many fail to obtain all the nutrients they need each day. Deficiencies of vital nutrients can inhibit not only physical growth, but internal development, mental performance and repair and maintenance of developing tissues. Immune systems can be suppressed as well, leaving the child more vulnerable to infection and disease.​                                                                             
Dr Arthur Furst


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